Lina Jones Owner of LJDNR-Opulence

Lina Jones CEO President LJDNR- Opulence & LJDNetwork

Although raised in the church I did not know the full understanding of God until I established my own relationship, my mother always told us we had to establish our own. At the time I was not quite sure what she meant until I realize I could not lean on my mothers prayers anymore I had to pray for myself, family and those around me being affected by the enemy.  Who is the enemy? The enemy is the entity that is trying to destroy us and it uses people around us to do so, people like our co-workers, friends, neighbors and family, even our government those in office. The enemy will use anyone he feels will allow him to come in his purpose is to seek, kill and destroy because he is jealous that God loves us.  The day it finally clicked with me was in January 2000 the year my father died, I would tell you about it but it will take some time. 

Please enjoy this on-line radio station and pray for us that are responsible for its content, music and programming. Pray that God will lead our hands and send us people that can help make a difference in your life and the lives of others (saving souls) as we are not ordained preachers.   Pray that we be unjudgmental of those He sends our way and lead with the wisdom of Solomon and the humbleness of David. 

One of my favorite parables is the parable of the stone the builders rejected it is very relatable for me. Psalm 118:22. He has kept me and I know He loves unconditionally, He is my rock, my savior, my everything and without Him I am nothing.  Give my God a chance and He will love you too. 

Thank you to my Station Manager Valerie William who made the decision to take this journey with me.